Hi friends,

Welcome to Episode #4…

This week I release an idea for a new body of work titled TERRARIUM. The idea for this new series of paintings has been conceived out of a desire to connect and explore the landscape in an entirely different way, through your eyes.

Is there a moment in the landscape that took your breath away?

A memory in nature that taps you on the shoulder time and time again?

Perhaps there is a secret place you you have claimed as your own, or a story you were told as a child that still has you believing in magic?

This is an opportunity to share your story and have it take on a life of it’s own!



0:00 Timelapse

0:34 Follow the nudge

2:55 Perfectionism

4:19 Timelapse- Sculpting with gesso.

4:58 The worlds worst mother.

6:27 TERRARIUM- A vessel for your stories to grow.

12:16 My Story: Centre Stage With Caspar

17:23 Next episode will be a little late.

18:33 Timelapse: Centre Stage With Caspar

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 Korynn xx