Hi friends,

 Welcome to Episode #2 of Daring Creatively!

Grab your coffee, or better yet a glass of wine… This one is a bit longer and goes a bit deeper than Episode #1.
This week I share my experience with “Reading Deprivation” and how it has impacted my thought process coming into the studio this week.
This was also a week of relaiming owndership of some of my current works in progress that started to get away from me.

0:00 Introduction to Episode #2
0:29 Reading Deprivation
2:30 The gift of paying attention
3:19 Reflecting on my practice
4:50 Time-lapse and pure joy
5:50 Initial sketches
6:18 I never use a brush
7:30 Battling with a painting
9:00 Sorry Blaine
9:39 A good hard look at yourself
11:04 Shout out to PIGMENT LAB
12:05 Time-lapse
12:25 The family critique
13:51 End of the week reclaiming power over my paintings
16:00 Image montage
16:08 Whats coming in Episode #3

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 Korynn xx