Oil & Cold Wax On Cradled Birch Panel
(H) 120 cm x (W) 120 cm


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Surrender (Available)

Oil & Cold Wax On Cradled Birch Panel
(H) 120 cm x (W) 120 cm

This large statement piece was inspired by the idea of capturing the terrifying beauty associated with the sublime. The type of beauty that overwhelms you and devours you at the same time. In becoming the voyeur of something much bigger than yourself, you must truly Surrender. 

Through applying many translucent layers of oil and cold wax to the surface of the panel, colours illuminate and glow from beneath one another and create a beautiful organic array of happy accidents. I love that you can never determine the outcome when using this medium. The process of painting becomes a collaborative dance with the medium itself, leaving behind a bold and beautiful silky finish that becomes a magnet to the voyeur’s gaze.

$3920.00 (Available)

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This work will be delivered as an original painting on a cradled birch panel, ready to hang fitted with D-rings and hanging wire.

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