Digital Painting
(H) 70 cm x (W) 70 cm (maximum print size)


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Glacial (Available)

Digital Painting
(H) 70 cm x (W) 70 cm (maximum print size)

 Spending a great deal of time at the snow throughout my childhood and into my adult years. These fond memories often come flooding back when I am in the studio. They are memories that chase me until I allow them space to find a voice of their own.

 Glacial, is a Digital Painting produced using an iPad and apple pencil. Beginning with a blank canvas, colours are mixed on a digital palette and then applied to the canvas with various brushes, individually designed and created by the artist to give a variety of patterns and textures. Multiple layers are built up to produce the final image. This unique an contemporary approach to painting provides the opportunity to print on a multitude of archival substrates and at varying sizes.

 Some print options include Fine Art Papers, Plywood Block, Canvas etc.

 For all questions regarding additional print options please get in touch above.

(Artwork Available)

Price On Application

Prices vary depending on size and substrate. All shipping is priced on application and may vary depending on location. Where possible I prefer to hand deliver and build a relationship with my collectors.


This work will be delivered ready to hang fitted with D-rings and hanging wire.

For any additional information regarding this artwork please get in touch via the above contact form. 

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