Hi friends,

By now you have probably seen my BIG NEWS

Not only have I renovated and moved into a brand NEW STUDIO, but I have also launched a VLOG series titled DARING CREATIVELY!!

To say that this has been a huge couple of months would be a complete understatement!

Firstly let me fill you in on my vision behind my new open studio space…

Along side the unique gallery setting of The Art Passage within Crockers Paint & Wallpaper, my studio practice now operates within a newly renovated open studio setting. This bold decision aims to create an open dialogue between the creative process and the finished work, whilst at the same time allowing the community to take a glimpse inside an artist’s reality on a daily basis. 

YUP, my whole practice (even the bad stuff) is now on show permanently!

The whole purpose of this venture is to be able to CONNECT  WITH YOU. To remove the barriers surrounding the whole process in creating the work you would normlly see perfectly mounted on the gallery wall. 

It’s my hope that this new adventure will spark your CURIOSITY. Encourage you to ASK QUESTIONS, and allow you to trully feel a part of my creative journey throughout the entire process.

Let’s Talk THE VLOG:

I will be connecting with you each week direct from my new studio!
Let me show you what an artists life is REALLY like. The good, the bad, the mess, the process…
One episode will be released each week delivered directly to your inbox every Sunday night.  Make sure you have SUBSCRIBED to my COLLECTORS CORNER click here.

So let’s not drag this blog post out any longer. Here is EPISODE #1 of DARING CREATIVELY- THE VLOG.

 Korynn xx