Build your own artistic story. Commission something uniquely yours.


Please keep in mind that I only take on a small number of commissions each year. This allows me the opportunity to create lasting relationships with each of my collectors and provides us the opportunity to work together in creating something DYNAMIC, POWERFUL and UNIQUE!

Before filling out the Commission Enquiry below, please take the time to read through the following steps, so that you have a full understanding of how my creative process works.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

– K

Get To Know My Previous Work:

Hidden within thoughtful marks and happy accidents are moments of MAGIC sculpted in paint. My paintings are surfaces drenched in vulnerability and strength.

As an artist, my purpose is both to create an experience, and live the experience of creating. The process is a raw and performative collaboration with medium. Chance has become my dance.

For this reason my work needs space to breath on it’s own. It’s my opinion that an artwork must have it’s own voice in order to be unforgettable. 

Take the time to have a close look through my website along with Facebook and Instagram pages. This will give you an idea of the style and mediums that I am currently working with.

Please be sure to get in touch via the Commission Enquiry Form below if you have any other questions.

Get In Touch:

The commission process begins with good communication. Please be sure to fill out Commission Enquiry Form below with as much detail as possible. I will follow up with you via phone or email within 7 business days.

Meet The Artist:

Building a strong relationship with all of my clients and collectors is a key component to creating a work that you are happy with. For this reason I look forward to meeting you either via Zoom video conferencing or face to face over coffee. This will give us the opportunity to collaborate together and get to know one another. At this meeting we will discuss artwork details including any additional framing and shipping along with an estimated time frame for completion.

If there is a specific location that the work will be installed, I like to do an on site visit (if possible). This will help me get an idea of the space and often helps form the direction of the work.

Receive Commission Agreement and Quote:

I will send you your Commission Agreement along with a Quote including any additional framing costs. Please read through both documents carefully and be sure to let me know if you have any additional questions regarding the information received.

Your signed Commission Agreement along with a non-refundable 30% deposit to cover the cost of materials is to be sent through prior to any work being commenced.

Creating Your Artwork:

 Your artwork will be commenced once your 30% deposit has been received.

Timeframes will vary depending on size and mediums used. I will endevour to stick to our estimated time frame as best as I can, however please keep in mind that some mediums will take longer to dry than others. Any additional time needed will be discussed with you throughout the process. 

I will often produce more than one artwork based around your specifications. This helps me retain a sense of freedom and allows the work to evolve more organically. Too many restrictions I have found can suffocate the creative process and prevent the work from having a voice of it’s own. Please note that you are not expected to purchase the additional work created. You will be given the opportunity to choose which artwork best speaks to you. Should you wish to purchase the additional artwork this can be arranged.

In some cases a digital mock up may be provided as a starting point. Please note that this is not always a possibility depending on your chosen mediums.

Throughout the creative process all clients will be sent progress images. This provides you the opportunity to make any small amendments you’d like to the piece, such as slight shifts in colour or texture. A studio visit will be offered towards the completion of the artwork. This will give you the opportunity to see your work in the flesh prior to the final installment being paid.

Pay Final Installment:

Final installment must be paid within 7 business days of the final viewing. 

Shipping and Delivery:

Once dry, your artwork will be delivered ready to hang fitted with the appropraite fixtures and with any additional framing agreed upon.

All shipping is priced on application and is not included within the original Quote. Shipping prices may vary depending on size, weight and location. Where possible I prefer to hand deliver.