Korynn Morrison

Australian born painter Korynn Morrison is a National Art School graduate and the gallery owner/director of The Art Passage located in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. Exhibiting since 2012, her abstract landscapes are surfaces drenched in vulnerability and strength.

Known for her unique use of oil & cold wax, her bold organic landscapes have been selected in many successful solo and group exhibitions across Sydney and South Coast regions in spaces including Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Balmain Space, The Art Passage and many more.

Along side the unique gallery setting of The Art Passage, Korynn’s own painting practice operates within a newly renovated open studio setting. This bold decision aims to create an open dialogue between the creative process and the finished work, whilst at the same time allowing the community to take a glimpse inside an artist’s reality on a daily basis.

Hidden within thoughtful marks and happy accidents are moments of MAGIC sculpted in paint. My paintings are surfaces drenched in vulnerability and strength.

As an artist, my purpose is both to create an experience, and live the experience of creating. My process is a raw and performative collaboration with medium.

Chance has become my dance.

The process of using oil & cold wax has become incredibly organic. I am fuelled by following the creative nudges, often leading me towards unexpected moments of magic. Through this unique medium, my abstract landscapes become surfaces that radiate a powerful sense of discovery. A bold and dynamic response to the Australian landscape, and an excavation to find the moments missed in a world so driven by the need to move. As I create I find that each mark answers a question that the last mark demands, until I am left with a painting that breathes on it’s own.

My work encourages one to be transported by curiosity and wonder and then allows the voyeur to take there moment of… pause.