Korynn Morrison

Korynn Morrison is an Australian born contemporary painter, living and working in Sydney.

Since graduating from National Art School in 2012, her work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions across NSW. Morrison was a finalist in both the Mini Series Art Prize and the Into The Light Art Prize in 2021. Her work is represented by Whitewall Art Projects and The Corner Store Gallery along with the newly established female artist collective FEMME.

Hidden within thoughtful marks and happy accidents are moments of magic sculpted in paint. Her process is a performative building up of paint and excavating back in order to find the bones of the Australian landscape. Each painting reveals a rich history of perfect imperfection and provides an opportunity for the curious mind to wonder. Layers of colour are built up and forgotten over time. The final stage of her process uncovers a history of colour and movement that gives endless depth to the two-dimensional surface.