Hi friends,

Welcome to Episode #5…

Last week I reached out to you and asked you to SHARE YOUR STORY as part of my new body of work TERRARIUM.
The purpose of this project is to CONNECT with you and be able to tap into landscape through YOUR eyes. To nurture your stories and give them a space to breathe on their own.
As I returned from holidays I opened up the online submissions folder to find the first of what I hope will be many unique stories submitted for this new body of work. I was thrilled to find this first story coming from Walter Stinnett a photographer loacated in the USA (ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD)!
I sat and listened to Walter’s story with tears in my eyes, and I feel so honoured to be able to collaborate with him, his photography and his personal memories. I reached out and asked him if it was ok that I share his story with you, so I will let him do most of the talking this week.
I will now set about making his experience permanent, in the form of a painting (or many).

My question to you is this:
If we don’t share these memories and find a way of “making them permanent” what happens to them when we are gone?

I encourage you to share your unique story and give it a life of its own. You can remain completeley anonymous if you wish. You might like to contribute your story in the form of a video, poem, typed or even voice recorded. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

 Here is Walter’s story…

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as I begin to develop painting/s in response to his story!