Hi friends,

Welcome to Episode #3…
DISCLAIMER: I have a bit of a teary moment in this weeks episode (apologies in advanced). This week I share a story that literally changed my entire creative practice. This along with more time-lapse painting and a new idea that I will be starting to explore over the coming months.


0:00 Just show up
0:48 The messy middle
1:38 Sanding it back (time-lapse)
2:36 Getting unstuck
3:56 Blind contour drawing
5:30 Drawing time-lapse
5:45 Painting through the week (time-lapse)
5:56 Weekly check-in
6:43 Thank you
7:19 The story that changed everything
11:54 Emotional artist
14:10 Exciting idea brewing
14:45 Shout out to Walter Stinnett Photography
16:50 The painting continues

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 Korynn xx