63 Days Of Daily Grind

Uni-ball pen & cotton on paper
(H) 144 cm x (W) 84.5 cm

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63 Days Of Daily Grind (Available)

Uni-ball pen & cotton on paper
(H) 144 cm x (W) 84.5 cm

63 Days Of Daily Grind, is a textured map that guides the voyeur through space and time in the most literal way. Mapping my daily movements from point A to Point B with the use of a personally designed drawing instrument in the back of my car. It’s through this project I have come to appreciate the unique beauty in daily action.

By letting go of structure and allowing chance to take organic form, movement has formed an impressive display of happy accidents, creating a turning point for new perspective that is both unpredictable and filled with energy.

We each have our own unique movement map. What would yours look like?

$2000.00 (unframed)

All shipping is priced on application and may vary depending on location. Where possible I prefer to hand deliver and build a relationship with my collectors.

This work will be delivered as an original work on paper (price does not include framing).

Please note: This artwork is FRAGILE and will require framing prior to being hung.

Should you wish for me to organise the framing, please get in touch via the contact form above. Framing is priced on application.

For any additional information regarding this artwork please get in touch via the above contact form. 

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