Welcome back friends,

I am so excited to share ARTISTOEXIST.COM version 2.0!

This website has been my labour of love for about two years, and I am so proud to share this latest edition of not only the website, but also my story and my studio practice.

This is an opportunity for me to be completley vulnerable… 

In the process of sitting down and reassessing the direction my studio practice was heading, I realised that my purpose as an Artist goes far beyond the the making of my artwork. Hence why I have made the choice to continue branding myself under the title ART IS TO EXIST. 

Let’s start with a blank canvas pardon the pun…  I’m hoping that this will build a more complete understanding of what ART IS TO EXIST stands for, and how YOU  tie into my vision moving forward.

Firstly, lets go back to this word “vulnerable”…

I have recently come to understand the power behind this very important word. Through vulnerability we build connection. This is part of the reason why I have decided to begin this Blog.

So, WELCOME to my first Blog Post… (let’s hope you make it through to the end)!

I truly believe that we are all creators. Creating is simply stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s the act of making a decision and then following through. It’s having a direction and producing something that would not otherwise exist without you…

When I was first starting at National Art School in 2010 I came across this quote, don’t ask what book it’s from I didn’t write that part down (absolutley kicking myself)…

It read:

“You are the Artist, as well as the Art.”

I wrote this quote on the front of my sketch book at the time, and immediately after it the words… = ARTISTOEXIST.” 

Every day since then I have made a choice to create a life driven by my passions. Don’t get me wrong, this creative life has taken some serious COURAGE and is certainly not short on challenges, but I can honestly say that half full or half empty doesn’t cut it for me. If somene was to ask, I would tell them to GIVE ME ANOTHER CUP because one is simply not enough. My cup is over flowing with all the positive stuff that makes you roll your eyes and say, “This chick needs a good dose of reality.”

Welcome to my creative life!

I’m not going to be your creative lightworker and tell you that it’s always sunshine rainbows and coffee actually there is ALWAYS coffee. Instead, allow me to open my studio door and let you in on the REALITY. Let me give you the good, the bad, the mess and the many stuff ups along the way. Let me just be REAL…

John Cage once said: “If we drop beauty, what have we got?”

My answer:  Curiosity

I encourage you to be curious

Reach out, get in touch and leave your comments below. This creative roller coaster is so much more rewarding when you’re involved.

Korynn xx