Korynn Morrison

Korynn Morrison is a National Art School graduate and Founder Director of The Art Passage located in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.
Along side the unique gallery setting of The Art Passage, Korynn’s own painting practice operates within a newly renovated open studio setting. This bold decision aims to create an open dialogue between the creative process and the finished work, whilst at the same time allowing the community to take a glimpse inside an artist’s reality on a daily basis.

Drawing from the energetic qualities of artists such as Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter and Richard Diebenkorn, she is fuelled by pushing the capabilities of her chosen mediums. Korynn’s studio practice has become incredibly organic and forever changing when it comes to her creative processes, often finding unconventional ways of resolving her work using both traditional an contemporary painting practices.

Known for her unique use of Oil & Cold Wax, her abstract landscapes are surfaces drenched in memory. A bold and direct response to the Australian landscape and a chase to capture the indescribable feelings associated with her memories in nature and the stories that ground us. The medium becomes a voice that echoes through each layer, leaving behind the memory of past decisions almost as if sculpting a story in paint.

 “By letting go of structure and allowing chance to take organic form, each mark answers a question that the last mark demands, until the painting commands the space and breathes on its own.”

Since 2012 Morrison’s work has been included in a number of group exhibitions across Sydney and South Coast regions, as well as successful Solo Exhibitions at Hunters Hill Art Gallery in 2016 and The Art Passage in 2018.
The Art Passage was established by Korynn in 2018 with the help and support of Crockers Paint and Wallpaper. A space that is now dedicated to providing Artists with a professional gallery to promote and sell their work without the added stress of exhibition fees.

This new art space has formed a new and exciting artistic adventure for Korynn and the many artists that have become such a vital part of The Art Passage community.